A life-affirming culture will operate
on good willed collaboration for the
well-being of people and the planet.

Let’s start with our goal...

We want a life-affirming culture, do we not, 
rather than an ecologically self-destructing one?

We have a useful framework for making sense of whole system change, and an innovative strategy for reaching lots of people.

What is whole system change?

Our primary tool for making sense of whole system change is

This makes the idea of whole system change mentally manageable in a way that supports real-world transformative change.

Additional resources for grasping whole system change are given in

Our communication strategy

We have a simple communication strategy that a multitude of organisations and individuals can independently apply.

It is outlined in

The Inspiring Transition approach is set up so that communicating about the Great Transition to a life-sustaining future need not take an inordinate amount of any one individual or organisation's time.

We have a three tiered communication strategy that can be carried out by individuals in all walks of life... READ MORE

Our organising model – how we will expand

Our organising model is also outlined in

We have worked out a way that millions of us can focus on our common cause – inspiring mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life-sustaining future – without requiring centralised administrative coordination. READ MORE