A life-affirming culture will operate
on good willed collaboration for the
well-being of people and the planet.

Let’s start with our goal...

We want a life-affirming culture, do we not, 
rather than an ecologically self-destructing one?

The Great Transition Initiative

Futurists such as biologist Paul Ehrlich and  science writer Julian Cribb FRSA assert that on current environmental and social trends it is likely that civilisation will disastrously collapse by the end of this century. Trends include ocean acidification, diminishing freshwater supplies, and the evolution of totalitarian surveillance states.

The purpose of the Great Transition Initiative is to mobilise public will to turn things around to the  extent still possible. ‘Turning things around’ involves changing all the major drivers that increase environmental destruction and social deterioration.

Our approach is to inspire as many environmental, progressive and faith groups as possible to act as citizen-educators. There are millions. Their members are a greatly underutilised resource for positive social change. Aligned, we can become a vastly more influential.

Although the groups are appropriately diverse, we suggest making common cause around the meme:

The task of our time is to transition to a life affirming global culture, rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction.

We are talking about changing the operating character of our whole culture; nothing less will do. We would not dream of taking it on if it were not absolutely necessary.

Change starts with the mind. We aim to mobilise thoughtful public will to evolve a way of living that cares for community and operates within planetary boundaries.

We provide ready-to-use communication tools including sample emails, guerrilla marketing tactics, and Kitchen Table Conversations. These are in the Resources section of this website.

Our ‘educational’ tools are innovative applications of insights into the neurology of improving human performance. Our approach is to help people think better. We enable people to develop a framework of understanding for grasping why we need transformative change and how, together, we can accomplish it. This is very different than just relying on messages.

We urge you to critically review the Great Transition Initiative approach, and if what we are doing makes sense to you, use your influence to enroll people in your networks and the larger public to the vision of transitioning to a life-affirming culture. As Naomi Klein said, “To change everything, we need everyone.”