If we create a culture that promotes well-being and prosperity for all,
then we will be in a position to discover who we really are.
                                                 Martin Seligman

Snowflakes melt, but snowmen grow.

It seems to me that usually when people attend workshops, panel discussions, lectures and the like, while they may gain some knowledge or brief inspiration, the long-term effects are modest. Inspiration is valuable, but to be most effective it needs to coalesce into something larger. It’s like the difference between snow melting on the ground and snow being packed together to build a snowman. There is no ‘stickiness’: accumulated mass or momentum.

What I would like to see

is that the end of every lecture or workshop the presenter reminds the audience that we are in a Great Transition: whole system change to a life-sustaining society – and we need to accelerate it. The way to accelerate it is for each of us who cares to communicate about whole system change with our networks.

The Inspiring Transition strategy is to engage lots of organisations and their members as communicators – citizen educators who enable people to connect-the-dots and think for themselves. It is early days as yet, but we now have active colleagues in Canada, the United States, South Africa, Germany, England, Scotland and across Australia.

The effort people put into communicating about whole system change will not be wasted. As more of us do it, people will begin to see the idea coming from many different sources, and the vision of whole system change to a life-sustaining society will become real to them. This is one aspect of ‘stickiness’.

From a systems perspective, our proper goal is to change all the factors that exacerbate global warming and other environmental and social issues – a whole system change to a life-sustaining society. The key to success is engaging mainstream commitment.

In this context, ‘stickiness’ would be when those of us who care about the future unite in a concerted effort to shift public consciousness.

Accelerating the Great Transition - Engaging mainstream commitment to a life-sustaining societyoffers a robust strategy to enable us to align around the goal of communicating to affect mainstream consciousness.

There are many tactics. An important one is that at the end of every talk presenter introduces the idea that we are in a Great Transition to a life-sustaining society, and we need to greatly accelerate it. Members of the audience are invited to go to the Inspiring Transition website, bring themselves up to speed on what is involved in a ‘whole system change’, and then act as citizen educators helping people in their networks understand whole system change.

The idea is for thousands of organisations and their members to spend a few moments communicating whole system change to their friends, colleagues, and larger networks. This is how we will begin to affect mainstream consciousness.