If we create a culture that promotes well-being and prosperity for all,
then we will be in a position to discover who we really are.
                                                 Martin Seligman

GetUp has an email campaign to politicians about the Trans Pacific Partnership. While there are a massive number of things wrong with the TPP, perhaps the worst (as with WTO) is the abrogation of democracy itself. A life-sustaining society must allow for community self-regulation.

Here is the email I sent to our local Liberal member:

Dear Louise,

Some things go beyond partisan politics. One of them is the preservation of democracy as a means of community self-regulation for community well-being. The proposed Trans Pacific Partnership abrogates democracy by allowing foreign corporations to sue Australia if we pass laws that are not consistent with their commercial interest.

Surely this is absurd in its own right as well?

The Trans Pacific Partnership also abrogates democracy by being negotiated in secret. Surely this is not consistent with traditional Liberal values?


 Andrew Gaines