If we create a culture that promotes well-being and prosperity for all,
then we will be in a position to discover who we really are.
                                                 Martin Seligman

This year ended with a flood of new connections for the Inspiring Transition initiative.

Lalith Gunaratne in Ottawa will give a presentation about Inspiring Transition to the Canadian Club of Rome in February.

We were accepted to give a presentation on Accelerating the Transition to a Life-Sustaining Society at the Sustainable Living Festival in February. This will be followed by a Transition Leader Training in Melbourne 20 February.

While I am at the Sustainable Living Festival I will meet with Kelly O'Shanassy, CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation, to consider how the ACF and Be The Change Australia might collaborate.

Chris Dekker of Uplift Connect invited me to spend several days with his

team in Byron Bay. They are a media company funded by two philanthropists. Chris is interested in making a training video of our Kitchen Table Conversation tools (formerly Tabletop Presentations), and adding them to the Uplift Connection communication resources.

I met Paul Barclay, presenter of ABC’s Big Ideas, at the Woodford Festival. Paul is interested to produce shows on our events. We will work up specific ideas in February.

I also introduced the Inspiring Transition initiative to Graeme Connors, a performer who wrote an environmental song that caught on in Brisbane. Perhaps he’ll come up with a song.

At Woodford I caught up with Ian Lowe, past President of the ACF, and a prolific author and popular presenter. Ian offered to promote the Inspiring Transition initiative during his upcoming book tour.

On the way to Woodford I also had coffee with David Hood, former President of Engineers Australia. David is a member of the Australian Conservation Foundation Council, and he is President of the Long Now Foundation. He is a visionary with a strong network; through our conversation he saw fresh possibilities for how we might align to catalyse cultural change.

I had impromptu conversations at Woodford with a number of people using the Kitchen Table Conversation models. I need to follow through, but I am hopeful that four or five of them will become active allies.

Closer to home, I am delighted that my partner, Julie Adam, contacted the editor ofSlow Living magazine to suggest they do an article about Inspiring Transition. Julie did this with no prompting from me.

To sum up

The Inspiring Transition platform is in place and ready to expand. We have the core of a powerful network. Our goal is for the idea of transitioning to a life-sustaining society to become prominent in Australian and global sustainability discussions – with a view to inspiring mainstream commitment to making it happen.

I’m thrilled to have made media connections, and that people like Lalith and Julie are taking their own independent initiative to engage others.