If we create a culture that promotes well-being and prosperity for all,
then we will be in a position to discover who we really are.
                                                 Martin Seligman

We have a robust set of communication tools, and our Action Network database can handle millions of people doing actions such as sending emails, giving talks and conducting Kitchen Table Conversations.

That’s fine – but how do we take the Splash to scale?

We are now looking for colleagues (perhaps you?) who would be willing to

  • Do outreach to engage organisations.
  • Do outreach to thought leaders.
  • Engage human potential leaders.
  • Engage academics.
  • Train people to conduct Kitchen Table Conversations.
  • Do local organising.

You get the idea.

There are already people each of these categories who are passionately concerned about global warming, social justice, the threat of nuclear war, and the like.

If you accept the notion that we need a massive communication initiative to upgrade people’s thinking (helping good brains work better) and shift the culture, then I invite you to act as a citizen-organiser.

You would do outreach with communities that you already part of.

Your role would be straightforward. It would be to connect with, say, other academics, and encourage them to play a role in the Splash. In each category there are a number of possible things people might do. We have prototype communication tools to get started with.

The Splash will be 9-15 September, 2019. Which means we have seven months to make it massive. If you are moved to play a role in this, please contact me at andrewgaines [@] andrewgaines.net, or give me a call on +61 8005-8382, and we can discuss what you might do.

It’s early days, but we are getting some traction. GetUp!, the largest activist group in Australia, is on board. So is Unity Earth, a large interfaith network that is responding to our ecological crisis. As well we have colleagues in the scientific community, academics, and in the human potential movement.

The task of our time is to transition to a life affirming global culture, rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction. Please join our growing network of colleagues who choose to work together to turn things around!