Here are communication tools for the GT Splash:

Sending emails to personal networks andposting on social media.

  • Sample emails are here. They can be tweaked, and adapted to social media.

Flying the Earth Flag

  • Earth Flags can be purchased through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Conducting Kitchen Table Conversations

A picture containing textDescription automatically generatedKitchen Table Conversations are structured conversations about the profound changes necessary to transition to a life affirming culture.

Interestingly, we use physical models to help people keep track of the conversation. The idea came from a former stage magician. He pointed out that people like to have physical objects to hang ideas on.

  • The Kitchen Table Conversations manual is here.

(You can purchase a softcover version of the Kitchen Table Conversations manual here. But we suggest just downloading the PDF. It is in full colour, and has clickable links.)

  • A training video is  here.
  • Templates for making the models are here.Premade kits can be purchased here.

We encourage you to do at least one of these actions during the Great Transition Splash.

In addition…

Academics and presenters can

Publish articles and give talks during September about transitioning to a life affirming culture.

Businesses can

Assert on your website and in your offices that your business contributes to the transition to a life-affirming culture.

Offer voluntary Kitchen Table Conversations training to staff, so that they can operate as citizen-educators with their friends and neighbours.

There are other guerrilla marketing tactics in the Resources section of this website.
Here are two fliers:

And we would love to hear about additional actions that you come up with!

Outreach to engage leaders

To really make Great Transition Splash a splash, we need to get businesses, organisations, and thought leaders on board.

If you have the communication skills, we would love your help!

Although engaging people as is always improvised, this article provides a guide for getting stated.

A support tool is:

Graphics help tell the story. It is useful to have the Great Transition Initiative Slide Deck open in a Zoom window during the conversations and skip to appropriate slides.

If you are interested in doing outreach, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This is a critical moment in human evolution, we either evolve to working on good willed collaboration for the good of the whole, or, to put it plainly, kill ourselves. One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day… and it is horrible to go through ecosystem collapse.

Emotional factors make it difficult to collaborate. Plus not everybody has the skills.

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We can contribute to cultural evolution by introducing people we know to techniques for sorting out their own emotional issues. A useful manual is:

The Witness: Gateway to Self-Development



We can also have fun introducing friends to playful creative thinking techniques. Many of them are based on improvisational acting, so we are increasing our capacity to collaborate the same time. A useful manual of games is:

Creative Conversations