The task of our time is to transition to a life affirming culture,

(rather than continuing on our present course

of ecological self-destruction).

  • The Great Transition Initiative is a platform to support individuals and groups in
  • Spreading the meme transitioning to a life affirming culture into mainstream society, and
  • Enabling people to understand what’s involved.


  • Humanity is in an existential crisis with climate change, species loss, the threat of nuclear war… if you are here, you probably know the whole litany.
  • If we ask what makes things worse, the operation of our whole system is involved. This cartoon gives the feel of it:

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  • To solve any of the big picture problems such as global warming, we need to change the whole system.
  • For this to occur, a critical mass of people must ardently desire it. (This is why some folks are calling for a World War II-type mobilisation.)

This brings us to the question:

How can we engage the unengaged– people do not seek out information about environmental and social trends and their consequences?

There are millions of groups that care about environmental and social well-being.The personal networks of the members of these groups are massive. They reach into every level of society.

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Our model is to:

  • Engage the members of these groups as citizen educators / thought catalysts.
  • Provide communication tools including sample emails, guerrilla marketing tactics, and Kitchen Table Conversations – a tool for focused face-to-face conversations about transformative change.

It helps to have a goal

Following eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, we think that the proper goal of our time is to transition to a life affirming culture.

  • This is an overarching meta-goal includes the aspirations of most if not all of the millions of groups that care about environmental and social well-being.
  • It is also goal that stands in contrast to current mantra of economic growth.
  • Many groups can align around this goal. Importantly, it provides a positive direction for society as a whole.

We help people think better

People’s behaviour is based on their frameworks of understanding (paradigms, worldviews. mental models) combined with their emotional commitment.

We follow the maxim:

To change the system, change the thinking

So, we are not primarily focused on messages, except for the memetransitioning to a life affirming culture.

Our communication tools help people connect the dots and see the big picture. They are user-friendly. You do not have to be in expert to use them.

But, obviously, you do need to go past whatever discomfort you may encounter about reaching out, and actively talk with your friends, neighbours and business colleagues. This is how we bypass the media and catalyse the thinking necessary for democracy to work.

Check out ourcommunication tools door!

We hope that you will participate

We are catalysing a Great Transition Splash nine-15 September 2019

Ways you can participate include

  • Sending emails about transitioning to a life-affirming culture to your personal networks
  • Applying one of our guerrilla marketing tactics
  • Conducting thoughtful Kitchen Table Conversations with people you know.

The Great Transition Initiative is not an organisation in the usual sense

There is no central group or individual that directs what other people do.

Each person who participates acts as an autonomous agent. We are aligned in our commitment to the goal –transitioning to a life-affirming culture – and in our recognition that communicating to inspire mainstream commitment is essential for success.

Here are media about the Great Transition Initiative:

If you are the kind of person that likes more depth; open our Theory door.

We know that our challenge is great. So...

Never Give Up